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The Most Dangerous Roads in Alabama

The United States sees countless fatal motor vehicle accidents each year. Unfortunately, our great state of Alabama has some of the deadliest and most dangerous roads to travel.

Whether these collisions are caused by reckless drivers or unsafe road conditions, if you want to avoid being involved in a motor vehicle accident, it might be a good idea to take extra care when traveling on the following roadways.

Highway 431

Sometimes referred to as the “Highway to Hell” due to the dangers it poses to drivers, Highway 431 has a reputation for being the most dangerous road in all of Alabama.

What makes it so dangerous is the high traveling speed of drivers, which is worsened by the standard rule that anyone traveling within fifteen miles per hour of the speed limit can be issued a warning instead of a ticket. This allows drivers to travel at speeds up to eighty miles per hour instead of the limit of sixty-five.

High rates of speed, coupled with low visibility and sudden, constant lane changes, increase the risk for merging accidents and catastrophic injuries. Although the Alabama Department of Transportation has taken measures to decrease these risks by adding additional state trooper patrols, the agency’s efforts seem to have done little to curb the number of crashes on 431 each day.

Interstate 65

This major roadway, nicknamed “Malfunction Junction” as it passes through Birmingham, has connections in several Alabama cities, including Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, and Decatur. It stretches over 366 miles.

This road is considered dangerous due to the quantity of vehicles (up to 15,000 each day) traveling between cities for work, as well as the recent expansion of lanes from four to six in 2015. You can imagine the impact an accident would have on this roadway during rush hour.

Interstate 85

I-85 connects in Montgomery, is a major roadway to Atlanta, and reaches across approximately eighty miles. There is a high rate of fatalities in accidents that occur on Interstate 85, which could be due to the increased traffic congestion, frequent lane changes, blind curves, and connection to another high-risk road in Alabama, Interstate 20.

Interstate 20

Interstate 20 crosses over 215 miles through Alabama and is considered treacherous because of its connection to Interstate 65’s “Malfunction Junction,” the confusing configuration of the interchange, and the uphill terrain, which can slow traffic and create a risky atmosphere for aggressive driving.

Speak with an Alabama Car Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in an accident on any of these major highways or another dangerous road, call an experienced Alabama car accident lawyer at the Henry Dailey Law Firm. When poor interstate designs and negligent motorists create perilous conditions for otherwise safe drivers, something must be done.

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