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How Do Alabama Car Accident Court Proceedings Go?

A major car accident can leave you struggling with injuries and other damages that make your daily life a struggle. You need compensation to cover those losses, but the other party refuses to pay. You’re now looking at a court hearing, but how do Alabama car accident court proceedings go?

Without help, it’s easy to get confused and struggle through your day in court. Fortunately, that’s where your lawyer from the Henry Dailey Law Firm can help. If you’re unsure where to begin with your court proceedings, reach out to your Alabama lawyer for the guidance and experience you need.

Presenting Your Evidence to the Court

Typically, your day in court will begin with opening statements from each lawyer. They will detail each side of the claim, their version of events, and who they believe is responsible for the car accident. Once this step is complete, however, you’ll need to have evidence prepared that backs up those statements.

Because Alabama is a fault state, you’ll need to prove that the responsible party caused the auto accident that left you injured. But it’s not enough to simply say that they are responsible; you’ll need to show evidence of fault.

That evidence can include a variety of evidence, depending on your type of injury claim. For example, you might have been rear-ended by another driver because they were driving distracted. In this case, you might be able to provide pictures of the scene and reports from the police that they were eating, on their cell phone, or otherwise distracted when the wreck happened.

Defending Your Alabama Auto Accident Claim

Once you’ve presented your evidence, however, you may need to also provide evidence against the other party’s claim. For example, a manufacturer might claim that they’re not liable for the auto crash because of something you did, not because of a defective part that caused the vehicle to malfunction.

You’ll need to defend your claim against any accusations of fault—otherwise your claim could be denied. If your Alabama lawyer doesn’t fight back to dispute any claims of responsibility, you’ll be barred from recovery based on pure contributory fault. Even minor mistakes can leave you without compensation.

Fortunately, your attorney can help. They’ll address the claims the defense makes and show, with evidence, how you weren’t responsible for the car accident.

Contact an Alabama Lawyer for More Info on Court Proceedings

Car accident proceedings can be complex and exhausting. You’ll need to deal not just with these steps, but also with your injuries and losses. The multiple pieces of your claim can make the whole process feel overwhelming, even if you know how Alabama car accident court proceedings go.

Enlist the help of a lawyer from the Henry Dailey Law Firm to help you obtain the compensation you deserve for a car accident you didn’t cause. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation before your day in court. You only have one chance to make things right. Let us help.

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