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How to Tell Who Is at Fault for a Car Accident

In the aftermath of a car accident, you’ll have lots to do. You’ll need to seek medical care, contact your employer about missing work, and file a claim for a settlement to cover your damages. Unfortunately, you might be unsure how to tell who is at fault for a car accident, making it difficult to file your claim against the correct party.

In a single-car crash, for example, the accident might have been caused by a faulty car part or roadway hazard. In a multi-car crash, you might be dealing with several parties, which can make it difficult to determine fault. Your attorney can help determine who’s responsible for your injuries and represent you in court, if necessary.

Reviewing the Accident

First, your attorney will review your auto accident to identify what caused it. Accidents often happen when another driver is careless or makes a mistake. For example, a driver running a red light might hit the side of your car, causing a T-bone collision. In a case like this, your attorney will review relevant evidence, such as traffic cameras and police reports to prove that the other driver was at fault.

In some cases, the driver might have lost control of the car because of risky driving practices. Whether they were speeding, distracted, or driving aggressively, their negligence left them unable to avoid an accident in time. In this case, your lawyer can rely on police reports and eyewitness testimonies, for example, to prove fault.

When the Other Driver Isn’t at Fault

In some cases, your accident might not have been your fault, even when another driver wasn’t involved. You were driving carefully and still lost control of your vehicle. In this scenario, your lawyer will look at other causes of your accident, such as dangerous road conditions or faulty vehicle parts.

When the Alabama Department of Transportation doesn’t maintain the roads we drive on, the results can be deadly. A large pothole can damage your car and cause you to lose control. Or, a poorly designed road might have standing water, which caused your car to hydroplane. Your attorney might find evidence regarding the state of the roadway where you crashed to help prove fault.

Faulty auto parts or improper maintenance can also be responsible for single-car accidents. For example, let’s say you were trying to avoid an accident, but your brakes failed. If something malfunctioned and injured you, the manufacturer might be responsible for your injuries.

A Lawyer Can Determine Fault

When you’re injured in a motor vehicle collision, you’ll need to determine who is responsible for the accident. This information is critical when filing your claim and obtaining the full compensation you need for recovery. Whether a single- or multi-car crash, determining the liable party isn’t always straightforward.

Consider enlisting the help of an Alabama car accident lawyer from the Henry Dailey Law Firm. Our attorneys can use the tools and resources at our disposal to ensure you get the funds you need. Get started today with a free consultation. Call 205-995-2412 or complete the online form below to get started.


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