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What to Do When Hit by an Uninsured Driver in Alabama

Any car accident can leave you in pain and a mounting stack of medical expenses and related accident costs. To make matters worse, maybe you were in a serious crash that was caused by a driver who doesn’t have insurance. You might feel like you’re running out of options.

You didn’t cause the accident and you shouldn’t be responsible for the ensuing damages. You’ll need to determine what to do when hit by an uninsured driver in Alabama. In most cases, you’ll need a lawyer.

At the Henry Dailey Law Firm, we understand that it’s difficult and confusing to deal with an uninsured driver. We have experience with uninsured motorists and we’ll fight for the funds you deserve for recovery.

Your Uninsured Motorist Coverage

When an uninsured driver hits you, you might need to worry only about your own insurance coverage. If you opted for insurance that covers you for uninsured or underinsured drivers, that might be the end of your troubles.

Uninsured motorist coverage ensures that you’re covered for an accident, even if the other driver isn’t. Alabama is a fault state, which means the responsible driver is financially responsible for the damages, but you shouldn’t be left without options if they don’t have insurance.

Uninsured motorist coverage ensures that you have some help when you’re injured by an uninsured driver. You’ll simply need to file a claim with your insurance company and tell them you were hit by an uninsured driver. They’ll investigate and offer you a settlement for your suffering.

Taking Your Claim to Court

Unfortunately, if you don’t have this coverage, or your damages exceed the limits of your policy, you will need to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. Although getting a settlement through your insurer is generally easier on you, taking your claim to court may be the best way to get your full compensation.

The other driver will likely try to pin some of the blame on you in order to minimize or eliminate the amount they have to pay you. Disputing accusations of fault can be difficult when you don’t have legal experience, especially when you’re recovering from serious injuries. An experienced lawyer can help gather evidence showing fault and represent you in court.

How an Attorney Can Help

When the driver who hit you is uninsured, the aftermath of the accident can be difficult. They were careless with your safety, but there’s no insurer to help you. You’ll need to know what to do when hit by an uninsured driver in Alabama in order to get started on your claims process.

Fortunately, you’ll have a chance to secure the full compensation you deserve with a lawyer from the Henry Dailey Law Firm by your side.

Ready to get started? Seek out a free consultation with our attorneys. We can answer your questions before you sign, so you know what to expect from us. We’ll work diligently to achieve a positive outcome for your car accident.

When you’re ready to obtain your rightful compensation, reach out by calling 205-995-2412 or by filling out the online form below.


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