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Who Will Pay My Medical Bills After an Accident?

When an accident happens, you will likely find yourself with mounting medical expenses immediately after. Even if your injuries mend quickly, an ambulance ride alone can set you back greatly. In the aftermath of injuries that were someone else’s fault, you may be left asking who will pay your medical bills after your accident.

Determining fault is sometimes a complicated matter. While there may be a clear person to direct your claim toward, some cases may take much more digging. If you’re uncertain, speak with an attorney at the Henry Dailey Law Firm. We can help you get your claim on the right track.

Determining Fault

After your accident, you might have already determined fault for your case. In the case of a car accident or a malicious act like assault, there is a single person who would likely be responsible for your injuries. If this is the case, you’re one step closer to getting your compensation.

But what if the person involved was not present, or what if your accident was caused by outside conditions, rather than the direct negligence of another person?

For example, if you are injured by a person who is acting within the scope of his or her employment, then the employer is likely liable for the employee’s actions. If you are hit by a tractor-trailer, the truck driver caused the accident, but you may need to seek compensation from the trucking company.

Likewise, if you slipped and fell at a business, those dangerous conditions might have technically been the fault of an employee or other customer. He or she might have spilled something and neglected to clean it up. However, because the owner is the one liable for the property, he or she would likely be liable for your injuries—and, by extension, your medical bills.

Liability Laws

Unfortunately, getting your medical bills paid is not as simple as pointing to the correct culprit. You will also need to ensure that there’s no chance you will be found negligent.

Alabama is one of a few states to recognize “pure contributory fault,” which means your claim could be dismissed if you are found at fault to any degree. This law will be one of the biggest issues to look out for as your file your claim.

Unfortunately, this will likely be the defendant’s best defense to avoid paying your medical bills. To keep your claim safe, you can hand your case over to one of our attorneys.

We Can Help Determine Fault

When you’re unsure who will pay your medical bills after an accident, you may need help from our attorneys at the Henry Dailey Law Firm. Getting a settlement that will cover your expenses is an important step in moving forward with your life, so be sure your claim is in good hands.

If you have questions about fault, your claim, or how you will receive your compensation, sign up for a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer at our firm. You can fill out our online contact form below, or you can give us a call at 205-995-2412.


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