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Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Hiring an experienced Alabama personal injury attorney can be beneficial when you have been injured in an accident and need help determining who is liable for your injuries and how to go about obtaining compensation for the costs your injuries have forced on you.

Handling negotiations with an insurance company or negligent party can be too stressful on your own when you’re already dealing with an injury. And there is a strong possibility that you will be taken advantage of and walk away with nowhere near a fair and reasonable settlement.

You don’t have to get stuck paying for the damages tied to your injuries when they’re someone else’s fault. Your personal injury lawyer will be a strong advocate for your rights.

Gathering Evidence to Support Your Case

The only way to win a personal injury claim is submitting strong evidence in your favor. Obtaining witness statements, police reports, medical documentation, video footage, and other supporting evidence can be much easier when you have an attorney who has experience with these kinds of investigations.

Determining the Value of Your Personal Injury Claim

The assistance of a personal injury attorney in Alabama can also be helpful in calculating how much your claim is worth. The insurance company will more than likely be quick to offer you a lowball settlement, assuming you’ll be unaware of how much you’re actually entitled to. Working with an attorney is a way to have the extent and value of your injuries thoroughly explained.

For example, we will first include your lost income and medical expenses and then move on to your non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life. Without the aid of an experienced lawyer, you may not be able to place an accurate value on those kinds of losses.

Contact an Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer

To ensure that you have a good opportunity to obtain full compensation from the negligent party for your injuries, consult with a qualified Alabama personal injury lawyer at the Henry Dailey Law Firm. We will work diligently to win the financial security you deserve. You can schedule your no-cost consultation today by filling out the contact form below or calling 205-995-2412.


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