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Alabama Talc Ovarian Cancer Lawyer

If you developed ovarian cancer after long-term use of talcum powder products, contact an Alabama talc ovarian cancer attorney who can help you obtain compensation for the costs associated with your cancer diagnosis.

Both women and men have long used talcum-based products like baby powder, deodorant, and cosmetics in their daily personal hygiene routines. The sometimes devastating effects of talcum weren’t widely known until it was brought to light that frequent use of talcum powder had been linked to widespread cases of ovarian cancer.

When you were diagnosed with ovarian cancer, you probably didn’t assume it was caused by your use of baby powder. The recent, highly publicized Johnson & Johnson talc-based baby powder trials, however, might have given you second thoughts.

Speak with an experienced Alabama talc ovarian cancer lawyer with the Henry Dailey Law Firm if you have reason to believe your use of a talcum powder product contributed to your development of ovarian cancer.

Risks Associated with Talcum Powder Products

This issue of talc-based products does not have anything to do with the harmless talc mineral composed oxygen, magnesium, and silicon. What is rapidly becoming an increasing concern is whether the companies manufacturing talc-based products are using talc that is asbestos-free.

Asbestos is a known carcinogen, and it stands to reason that repeated exposure to a baby powder or sanitary product that has asbestos-containing talc fibers would increase your risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Due to the countless claims filed against Johnson & Johnson, which claim that the company knew of the risks of its baby powder, many corporations have made attempts to protect consumers by including a warning of the risks of ovarian cancer with long-term use on the label of the product.

Because there is no easy way to tell whether the company providing you with a talc product has used talcum that is asbestos-free, it can be a challenge to prove that the product caused your cancer—especially when exposure to a variety of other elements, such as secondhand smoke, environmental chemicals, and even the rays from the sun, can all cause cancer.

Fortunately, an experienced talc ovarian cancer lawyer in Alabama can investigate the company that sold you talc-containing products to determine whether you have a viable claim for compensation.

Fighting Back Against the Manufacturer

Research regarding the use of talc products has been relatively inconclusive. Some studies have shown an increased risk of cancer, while others demonstrate no correlation. Still, no one disagrees that asbestos-containing talcum powder poses a health risk.

Conflicting research is what the company we sue for your damages is going to hide behind. The company is also likely to make the excuse that you are overestimating your use of the talcum product that has caused your cancer.

Filing a claim against a major corporation may seem intimidating because of the company’s team of lawyers and seemingly endless supply of money to defend itself. However, unless the company is able to demonstrate that every manufactured and sold product did not contain tainted talc, victims will continue to come forward. With the right legal help, those victims stand to recover fair compensation.

Contact an Alabama Talc Ovarian Cancer Attorney

When you are ready to hold the manufacturer of the talcum-based products you used for years accountable for failing to take the necessary precautions to protect you from ovarian cancer, reach out to the Henry Dailey Law Firm for help.

Our team of dedicated attorneys will work to build a bulletproof case so you can receive compensation to cover the costs stemming from your cancer diagnosis. You can schedule your free, no-obligation case consultation with an Alabama talc ovarian cancer lawyer by calling 205-995-2412 or filling out the form below.


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