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Birmingham Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

Texting, eating, and other distractions can easily cause car accidents that leave victims with serious injuries. If someone else has done this to you, call a Birmingham distracted driving crash lawyer.

Accidents are always tough, but when you know the other driver was texting or otherwise distracted behind the wheel, it adds insult to injury. After all, you respected the rules of the road, but you’re suffering because someone else didn’t.

When you’ve been hit by a distracted driver, the Henry Dailey Law Firm can help you out with your claim for compensation. The process can be tough, but with a Birmingham distracted driving accident lawyer on your side, you can expect results.

Making Your Distracted Driving Case

Distracted driving is a dangerous habit, but fortunately for you, if you have evidence that the other driver was distracted behind the wheel, your case has a good chance of success. After all, that further proves that the other driver was the at-fault party in this case.

Don’t celebrate yet, though. You only have two years to file your claim, and Alabama negligence laws are strict. If you’re also implicated in causing the collision, you could have your case dismissed.

Alabama observes pure contributory negligence. For you, that means that any fault on your part could disqualify you from recovering compensation. Even a small percentage of fault could mean that you’ll be picking up the bill and the pieces of your life as you struggle to get back to normal.

A distracted driving lawyer in Birmingham will make a difference in your case. We can help protect you from the threat of losing your chance to recover compensation

Compensation Offered After Birmingham Distracted Driving Wrecks

Fortunately, you are legally entitled to compensation for every damage you’ve suffered—financial and otherwise—if you were hurt because of someone else’s careless decisions behind the wheel.

In serious cases, you might have suffered major injuries, which can not only cause financial stress, but may also be especially painful or traumatizing. For example, in some cases, a limb could be crushed in the accident, leading to an amputation. The medical expenses are high, but the mental toll of losing a limb can be overwhelming.

You can be compensated for both economic and non-economic damages, so don’t hesitate to add any hardships you’ve faced to your list. Your distracted driving accident attorney in Birmingham will be able to help you sort out what your non-economic damages will be worth and what all you should include in your claim, which may include the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Mental anguish
  • Vehicle damage  

Get in Touch with a Birmingham Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

If you were hit by a distracted driver, know that you’re not alone and that you don’t have to fight for your compensation without help. At the Henry Dailey Law Firm, we want justice for all of our clients, and we will fight for your case and your right to be compensated for your suffering.

Contacting a Birmingham distracted driving accident lawyer can help get you through this difficult time. If you’re struggling with your case, get in touch today for help and a free review of your case. Contact us at 205-995-2412 or through our online contact form below.


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