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How Much Is My Birmingham Car Accident Claim Worth?

A car accident can leave you overwhelmed and stuck with costly damages. You’ll need compensation to covers those losses, but how much is your Birmingham car accident claim worth? Unfortunately, that’s not always easy to answer.

That’s why our lawyers at the Henry Dailey Law Firm are ready to help with your claim. We understand what goes into securing maximum compensation, and we can guide you to the funds you deserve. Reach out today for help finding your claim’s true value.

Determining Your Economic Damages

When you’ve suffered in a car accident, you’ve likely racked up some serious expenses. Car crashes come with countless financial losses, and these can pile up quickly. You’ll need to add up these damages and find the full cost of them, but don’t forget to include potential future expenses.

Let’s say you suffered an eye injury in your accident that left you blind. Not only is your car damaged or totaled, but the medical costs for an eye injury can be extensive. You might need surgery or long-term treatment, if your vision can be restored at all. Otherwise, you’ll likely be in the hospital for some time, which means you’re unable to work.

Once your vision has improved as much as possible, you might need accommodations for your injury. These damages can be long-term, so make sure you and your Birmingham lawyer plan ahead for future compensation.

What Are Non-Economic Damages?

When you’re in a car crash, you’re not just suffering financially. You’re also dealing with physical, mental, and emotional suffering. Although these damages aren’t simple to calculate, your car crash attorney should be able to find their worth based on the impact they have had on your life.

In the vision loss example, you’ll need to include the physical pain and suffering of your injury, which can greatly affect your daily life. This can make it difficult to enjoy activities and social events as you once did. You might also find yourself unable to perform basic household chores, which can cause immense feelings of distress and helplessness.

An experienced injury lawyer has the tools needed to attach a dollar amount to those intangible types of suffering that are often more painful than the accident itself.

Securing the Full Settlement for Your Birmingham Injury Claim

Unfortunately, once you’ve been seriously injured, the extent of your damages might feel overwhelming. You need help getting answers to important questions such as, “How much is my Birmingham car accident claim worth?” It can be difficult to determine on your own, so you might need to seek help from an attorney.

If you’re struggling with your claim, seek out a Birmingham car accident lawyer from the Henry Dailey Law Firm. Our attorneys have the tools you need, and we’ll help you calculate your claim’s worth. Start with a free consultation. We’ll make sure you understand how we can help you get the full compensation you deserve.

Ready to fight for your rightful funds? Reach out by calling 205-995-2412 or by filling out the online form below.


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