After a serious car accident in Alabama, you’ll need to seek compensation for your accident from the person responsible or your suffering. Unfortunately, that can be difficult to do if you’re not familiar with the laws and limitations surrounding negligence in Alabama.

First, you’re likely wondering how fault is determined in Alabama auto collisions. Understanding the methods used can help you recover the full compensation you deserve. Finding the right person can be tough, though, so make sure you speak to your attorney first. They can help you understand fault laws and gather evidence to support your claim and give your case it’s best chance at a positive outcome.

Who’s at Fault?

First, you’ll need to understand the laws surrounding negligence at it relates to motor vehicle collisions. In Alabama, the person at fault for your car crash is financially responsible for any resulting damages. Sometimes that could be the other driver, their employer, or even a government agency.

For example, the other driver might have been a minor, or you might have been injured by a commercial driver. In these cases, you may need to seek compensation from either the parents or the employer, respectively. Determining fault is a crucial step in securing the funds you deserve for your recovery.

To determine who’s at fault, contact your Alabama lawyer about the claim and get help determining the right person to sue. Your injury could be the responsibility of any of the following parties:

  • The other driver
  • The department of transportation
  • The manufacturer
  • The employer of the other driver

Proving Fault after a Car Crash

Once you’ve determined who is at fault for the accident, you and your Alabama attorney will need to focus on proving it. Gathering evidence that the other person caused the car crash and your injuries will be vital to the success of your claim.

This evidence can come from many sources, such as people or cameras who witnessed the accident. Other evidence might include expert witnesses who can recreate the scene or share expert knowledge that can help you claim.

The evidence you’ll need will depend on your claim. For example, if you believe the other driver hit you because they were intoxicated, the police report can include a failed field sobriety test, for example. Reach out to your lawyer for help finding the best and right evidence for your claim.

Secure Help Determining Fault

After a major car accident, it can be challenging to secure the compensation you need for your recovery. You might know that you need to identify the at-fault party, but how is fault determined in Alabama auto collisions? Without the knowledge and experience surrounding auto collisions, you might feel overwhelmed by the prospect.

Fortunately, a lawyer from the Henry Dailey Law Firm can help you determine who’s at fault and work to obtain the full funds you deserve. Struggling to find the at-fault party? Contact our team of attorneys for a free consultation on your claim. Give us a call at 205-606-6970 or complete the following online form.

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