When you’re on the road in Alabama, there’s always a possibility of a car accident. Unfortunately, some areas may be more dangerous than others, which can leave you seriously injured and struggling to recover from your crash.

If you’re concerned about protecting yourself from a serious accident, doing your part by watching out for dangerous drivers can help, but certain areas may be more dangerous than others. Watch out for these dangerous intersections in Montgomery, Alabama, to protect your health and safety.

Taylor Road and Vaughn Road

As two of the major roads through Montgomery, there’s a chance you’ve been stuck in a little traffic at this intersection. Unfortunately, this intersection can be especially dangerous because of its combination of traffic and lack of crosswalks.

The high volume of traffic alone causes many serious accidents in the area. Because so many people are passing through the intersection, there’s a higher chance that someone might run a red light, fail to spot oncoming traffic while merging, or make another mistake that leads to a major car accident.

Interstate 85 and Eastern Boulevard

Often, any intersection on the interstate is especially dangerous. Not only is the volume of traffic high, but most of the traffic is traveling at high speeds. That leads to potentially severe injuries such as brain trauma and spinal cord damage.

Because of the high traffic at this major intersection, you may have had a few close calls or even a car crash at this intersection. Reach out to an attorney if you’re concerned about the damages you’ve suffered because of your accident.

Eastchase Parkway and Taylor Road

As the main entrance to the Eastchase Shopping Center, this intersection can be dangerous, especially when other drivers are on their way to do some holiday shopping. Because this intersection is such a high-traffic area, many serious accidents happen here.

Unfortunately, many people are driving distracted when leaving the shopping center and trying to merge from Eastchase to Taylor. That means you’re at a higher risk for a serious accident, along with some serious injuries. Make sure you look out for people coming from and going to the shopping center, as well as the drivers already on the road.

Seek a Lawyer for Intersection Accident Guidance

Unfortunately, you may have already experienced a painful car crash in these or other major Montgomery intersections. That leaves you struggling for compensation and recovering from trauma that could haunt you for years after the accident.

You don’t have to face your claim alone, however. If you’ve been injured at one of these dangerous intersections in Montgomery, Alabama, you have a chance to recover the full compensation you deserve for your injuries with a lawyer from the Henry Dailey Law Firm.

Reach out today for your free consultation. We’ll review your claim and show you exactly how we can help and what we can do for your claim. That way, you know we’re right for you before you sign anything.

Thinking about filing a car accident claim for an intersection accident? Reach out to your Alabama attorney today by calling 205-606-6970 or by filling out the online form below.

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