Whether you’re on the road or on the job, an accident can happen at any time. Sadly, road construction makes that especially likely. These construction zones are a deadly combination of traffic, heavy machinery, and dangerous work conditions. Sadly, that means many Alabama residents are injured or killed in these accidents every year.

Before you head to or through a road construction zone, make sure you understand the dangers first. Staying aware of the dangers you could be facing can help you protect yourself and understand your claim if you are injured.

Injuries in Road Construction Accidents

Accidents in road construction zones can come from many causes. You’re at risk of an accident from drivers, careless workers, or simple mistakes. Unfortunately, road construction often involves heavy machinery such as cranes and trucks loaded with asphalt. If something goes wrong, your injuries can be severe.

If you’re involved in a road construction accident, you could experience any of the following injuries:

  • Head trauma
  • Broken bones
  • Internal organ damage
  • Whiplash
  • Burn injuries

Sadly, any of these injuries can take months or even years to heal—if they ever heal completely. That means one mistake from someone around you could alter your life, leaving you suffering because of your injuries.

Careless Driving Can Turn Deadly

Road construction is especially dangerous because you’re not just dealing with construction workers, who may make mistakes due to a lack of training or because of their long working hours. You’re also dealing with all the dangers of being on the road.

That means that some of the drivers around you simply aren’t focused on their surroundings. Instead, they’re texting, eating, or adjusting their radios. Unfortunately, because you may need to stop quickly or change course in a construction zone, they may not be paying enough attention to avoid a dangerous car accident.

You might also be dealing with aggressive drivers, who can be just as dangerous. Some people might become impatient as traffic slows on Alabama highways, which means that road rage is more likely. Sadly, aggressive driving is also known to cause major accidents and severe injuries.

If you’re on the road in a construction zone, being careful around Alabama workers is important. However, keep in mind that not every driver will be careful, too. That means more dangerous or even deadly accidents on the road.

Contact an Alabama Lawyer after a Road Construction Accident

If you’re struggling in the wake of a road construction accident, you don’t have to face your claim alone. The dangers of Alabama road construction zones are real, and they can affect your life in many ways. Fortunately, legal aid from the Henry Dailey Law Firm is available.

Your attorney can help you make the right choices for your claim. Starting with a free consultation, we’ll review the details of your accident and injuries before helping you calculate the full worth of your claim. If you choose to work with us, we can help you fight for the full compensation you deserve.

To set up your free claim consult, give us a call at 205-606-6970 or fill out the following online form.

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