In an instant, a car crash could change your life. Unfortunately, car accidents rarely only affect one person.

If you or a loved one was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident, your whole family might experience considerable stress and pain. Here is an overview of two ways the aftermath of a crash could affect you and your family.

Everyone might feel more anxious than usual

The physical injuries of a car crash are often undeniable. From nerve damage to traumatic brain injuries, the physical injuries can have long-lasting impacts on you and your family.

However, the immediate danger of physical injuries often leads many people to overlook the emotional effects that a car crash can have on a family.

After a car accident, it is common for injured individuals to experience:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety symptoms, including anxiety attacks
  • Extreme anger, guilt or even depression

Additionally, your loved ones might also worry more about your well-being. They might even feel nervous themselves about getting behind the wheel again, even if they were not in the car at the time of the accident.

Talking about these emotions with your family or seeking professional help are invaluable ways to manage these emotions and move forward after an accident.

Family member’s roles might change

The injuries or disabilities that could result from a severe accident could significantly impact:

  1. Your ability to work and support your family financially.
  2. Your ability to help with chores or other responsibilities around the house.

Therefore, your whole family dynamic could change. For example:

  • Children might have to step up and take on more responsibilities around the house
  • Spouses might have to work more to make up the difference while their loved one is out of work
  • Both children and spouses might have to take on the role of caregiver if a crash leaves their loved one with life-changing injuries

Alabama law could entitle you to collect compensation—which can cover pain and suffering as well as lost wages—after a crash caused by another’s negligence. Seeking the compensation you deserve can help ease the financial and emotional stress your family faces and help you all get your lives back on track.

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