You were the lone driver in an accident that left you hurt and without a car. But just because you were the only driver, doesn’t necessarily mean it was your fault. If the road was in unsafe condition, someone else might be to blame.

Faulty roadway conditions across the US, like improper signage, poor road design and other related conditions, contribute to thousands of crashes each year. There is likely a government agency, from the Department of Transportation of Birmingham on up to Alabama, that’s responsible for ensuring roadways are in safe condition. If the agency in charge comes up short, they could be on the hook for your recovery.

Rough road ahead

There are different forms that negligence can take:

  • Missing signs: Road signs are a necessity for guiding you along Alabama’s road, but it can get dangerous when they aren’t sending the message they’re supposed to. It can be hard to pin down just who is at fault for a missing sign, but it could be on the shoulders of the municipality for not replacing it promptly.
  • Potholes: Big holes in the road can be so much more than uncomfortable, they can put you at risk. You may be lucky to get away with only damage to your car, but sometimes a pothole can cause you to lose control and result in a wreck. Determine the agency in charge of filling in these nuisances, and you may have your culprit.
  • Steep shoulders: Certain guidelines outline what constitutes a safe road. Speed and drop height are common factors, and the municipality may be responsible for making sure they’re up to code. Anything that doesn’t make the grade could lead to liability.

Make sure you know what type of negligence may have caused your accident. Understanding what can be counted may result in a finding of fault, and the first step towards substantiating your claim.

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