Insurance companies should protect you in the event of a crash since that’s the whole purpose of insurance. However, the businesses that provide motor vehicle liability insurance lose money when they approve large claims after an accident.

After an accident caused by another driver, their insurance company may attempt to manipulate you in order to reduce their financial liabilities. The following three practices are common strategies that can help insurance companies limit the cost of a claim after a crash.

Insurance company representatives are not your friends

There may be an adjuster or investigator assigned to the claim. This individual will likely reach out both to the person who holds the policy and to any victims filing a claim. They may also speak with witnesses and law enforcement who responded to reports of the collision.

The adjuster will be professional and courteous, and they may try to seem like they are there to help you. However, they work for the insurance company, not the person bringing the claim.

Attempts to be familiar and friendly may be a manipulation tactic intended to get you to say something that could impact your claim. If you apologize or admit partial fault, the company can limit how much compensation they offer you depending on the degree of fault they assign you.

They will ask loaded and leading questions

During any kind of official questioning, especially a recorded statement, an individual involved in a large insurance claim needs to be careful about what they say. The insurance representative conducting the interview will likely ask leading questions in the hope of prompting the person to make statements that could implicate them as partially responsible for the crash.

Although the other party may be solely responsible, coercing what could seem like an admission of fault from the person bringing the claim could reduce the amount have compensation that person receives later.

They may offer you a low settlement

The person offering you a lump-sum settlement for an insurance claim after a crash will likely want you to think it is generous and beneficial for you. Still, first settlement offers are often much lower than they should be given the extent of the property damage or injuries involved in the case.

You need to really consider the impact of the crash on your life and remain on your guard at all times when interacting with insurance professionals during a claim.

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