When just looking at the overall fatality statistics, it appears that motorcycles lead to far fewer fatalities than other vehicles. If 5,000 people pass away in motorcycle crashes and 35,000 people die in accidents in other vehicles, how dangerous can motorcycles really be?

Don’t buy into this line of thinking. The overall statistics skew the perception because they do not take into account how few people actually ride motorcycles or how infrequently they ride. There are vastly more cars and trucks on the road every day, which is why so many more people pass away in these vehicles.

The only way to really compare the two is to look at how many deaths happen per mile driven. That way, you’re looking at an equal amount of exposure to risk for each vehicle. And, when you do that, you will find that motorcycle fatalities are 28 times as common.

It’s a staggering number. If riding a motorcycle was twice as risky, that would give people pause. Do you really want to double your chances of getting killed in an accident? But it’s not just twice as dangerous; it’s 28 times as dangerous. It’s almost difficult to comprehend how much higher the risk level is, but this shows incredibly well how the lower total fatality numbers do not tell the whole story.

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