When you ask almost anyone about the top driving distractions, the first thing they’ll mention is texting. It has long been considered the most common distraction that drivers face and one of the biggest reasons for avoidable car accidents.

However, according to some studies, there is another culprit that actually leads to more accidents: daydreaming in the car. It was also referred to as getting lost in thought or generally distracted.

What it means is that someone was driving along, not thinking about what they were doing. Whatever topic they were thinking about — work, school, relationships, etc. — slowly took their attention away from the road. Then, all of sudden, they snapped back into the present moment. Maybe it was during the crash or in the split-second before it. Either way, it was impossible to avoid that crash.

One of the big dangers of this type of distraction is that it is not deliberate. Someone who chooses to text and drive makes the conscious choice to take out their phone. They may be distracted, but at least they know they are distracted. They know it’s a risk. They may try to glance up and keep an eye on traffic.

With daydreaming, it just happens slowly, and the person doesn’t consciously think about the fact that they stopped paying attention to the road. They may not even realize what happened until after the accident. How do you prevent something like that?

It’s a challenging question with no clear answer. One thing is for certain, though: If you get hit by a distracted driver, you need to know what options you have.

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