Losing a spouse unexpectedly is arguably one of the most painful and stressful experiences anyone can go through in life. People recovering from such a loss will require emotional support from friends and family and also practical support as they adjust to life without their partner.

Spouses contribute substantially to someone’s life. They provide income, they enrich lives with love, care for children and maintain the home you share. After a sudden loss due to a car crash or other unexpected event, it may be possible for new widows and widowers in Alabama to seek compensation via a wrongful death lawsuit.

How do wrongful death lawsuits in Alabama work?

While acknowledging it out loud may seem a little crass, there is a provable financial impact from the death of a spouse. There are numerous financial figures that you can look at to verify this, including the cost of medical care prior to their death and the cost of their funeral and burial.

Beyond that, an unexpected death will also result in the loss of future income, benefits, retirement funds or pension contributions — in addition to the services that the deceased would have provided to their spouse, their children and their household if they had survived. It is possible to put a price on everything from the psychological support that must now be outsourced to a therapist to the housework or repairs that you must now hire a professional to do.

Provided that your loved one’s death stemmed from negligence, wrongful acts or omissions on the part of another person or company, you may have the right to seek compensation for a wrongful death lawsuit. While the money you may secure through such a claim won’t undo what happened, it can at least offset the financial impact somewhat.

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