You’re only 24, so the idea that your ability to work could be destroyed because of your accident is devastating. You didn’t go to work thinking that you’d be hurt, but on the way, a semi came out of nowhere and hit your vehicle. The driver had been sleeping behind the wheel at the time of the accident.

Now, you’re dealing with broken bones, crushing injuries and a brain injury that will take a lot of recovery time. You may need multiple surgeries, and it’s possible you may still lose limbs due to the nature of your injuries. Without immediate medical care, you would have been much worse off, but you’ve found that even with the care you have, there’s no way you’ll be able to go back to work any time soon.

Your medical provider has warned you that you may not walk again because of spinal injuries, use your hands with dexterity due to lacerations to the tendons or even be able to speak clearly thanks to your brain injury. Your body has been through the worst accident that your employer had ever seen, and they told you that they didn’t think you should rush to return to your job. You had a frank discussion where you wondered if you ever would be able to earn a living.

After an injury like this, finances may be on your mind, but it’s most important that you worry about your health. Car crashes can cause significant, life-altering disabilities and injuries, so it’s vital that you have the financial backing needed to get personalized medical care. After a crash, you can pursue a claim against the driver and often, against the company for whom they drive. Your attorney will focus on helping you negotiate for a high-value settlement so you will have the funds you need.

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