People often speed up for yellow lights, trying to make it through before the light turns red. Sometimes, it happens when they feel like they’re too close to the light to stop in time but too far away to make it at their current speed. Other times, it happens when they clearly should stop, but they don’t want to have to wait for the light, so they accelerate and try to make it.

When this happens, it’s a dangerous gamble. What if there is a left-turn lane, and it’s light-controlled? When the arrow turns green, the cars that were waiting could start turning left, only to be hit by someone going through the red light. If there is no turn lane, the same thing can happen when the opposite light turns green and cross traffic moves into the intersection. All of these drivers have the right of way and they trust the light, but they can get hit by that reckless, speeding driver.

The problem is that many drivers look at this as a judgment call. If they slam on the brakes, will they cause an accident? It may feel safer to rush through. But, no matter how it feels at that moment, if they run through the red light, they have not proceeded with caution. Any sort of judgment call on the road leaves the door open for a driver to make a critical mistake. This is why most accidents happen —  because of human error.

If you get hit at an intersection by someone racing through a red light, it can help to talk to experienced professionals who will tell you about all of the options you have.

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