Just because a person has their license doesn’t mean that they are a safe driver. There are many reasons why crashes occur, one of which is inexperience. All states, including Alabama, use a graduated license system to help ensure that new drivers have the experience they need to operate the vehicle safely.

Many young people who are getting their driver’s license will want to drive as much as they can. They are required to have a specific number of hours behind the wheel in order to progress through the graduated licensing system, but the adults who are working with the youth should remember that the number of hours required should be viewed as the minimum number they need.

The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, along with other agencies, looked into how the number of hours these new drivers have practicing impacts how safe they drive. It was found that more behind-the-wheel practice at regular intervals led to these young people being safer drivers than those who have less or infrequent practice.

As new drivers are practicing, they should be provided with a variety of situations to drive in. While they are new, they should have simple situations like driving on empty streets. As they get more experience, they can drive in other conditions, such as in the rain or on crowded roads.

Individuals who are struck by new drivers should follow the same steps as they would for any other crash. If medical care is necessary, you should obtain it. You also have the right to pursue a claim for compensation through the civil court system. This can help to shift the financial accountability from you to the liable parties.

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