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Dothan Car Accident Lawyer

While cars might be one of the best ways to travel around Dothan, they can also leave you with devastating injuries. If your drive turned dangerous because of someone else’s recklessness, contact a Dothan car crash lawyer for help.

Cars are one of the most common and easiest ways for many Dothan residents to travel, so most of us have access to a vehicle we use daily. Whether you’re heading to work, to school, or just down the road, it makes getting around faster than ever.

Unfortunately, that means that you’re on the road with many other drivers who might not care about your safety. If you’ve been injured by one of these drivers, speak with a Dothan car accident lawyer from the Henry Dailey Law Firm. Our attorneys can help you get the full compensation you deserve after a painful car crash.

Insurance Companies Will Fight Back

To get your compensation, you’ll need to start with your insurance company. Alabama relies on the tort system, which means the person responsible for the accident is financially responsible for the damages the other driver suffered. In some cases, your insurance company might pursue the other insurer to pay these damages after they’ve covered your expenses.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are for-profit businesses. They might not always be on your side, and they’ll act to prevent paying the full settlement you deserve. It’s unfortunate, but you might receive a low settlement that doesn’t cover the full amount you need.

Don’t let them get away with it. Speak to a car accident lawyer in Dothan about your compensation before you say yes to anything. We’ll help you write a demand letter for better compensation or fight for your compensation in court.

Alabama Law Will Affect Your Claim

Unfortunately, getting your compensation won’t be as simple as proving that you didn’t cause the accident. Instead, you’ll need to prove that you also weren’t at fault at all. Alabama is one of few states that recognizes pure contributory fault, and this could harm your claim.

Most states recognize that few accidents are caused by one person, and they may reduce your compensation because of this. Alabama law, however, states that if you’re found to hold any fault, you could be barred from recovery.

Therefore, you’ll need someone on your side to help you fight back. Defending your claim could decide whether you receive compensation for your injuries. Be sure that you call an attorney who can help you.

Speak to a Dothan Car Accident Attorney

The suffering you could experience because of a car crash could be serious. Between the physical injuries, the mental toll of an injury, and the financial costs, you might feel overwhelmed before you ever begin filing your claim.

Fortunately, a lawyer from the Henry Dailey Law Firm can help you. We’ll fight for the compensation you deserve when you’re struggling to get the compensation you need. Still have questions? Our attorneys offer free case reviews so you know what to expect before you sign anything.

If you’ve suffered a serious auto wreck, our Dothan car accident lawyer is ready to help you get compensation. To begin, call 205-995-2412 or complete the online form below.


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