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Florence Car Accident Lawyer

Has a negligent party injured you in an automobile crash? Submit a claim and receive compensation for your injuries with help from a Florence auto injury lawyer at our firm.

You’ve been hurt in a vehicle crash that wasn’t your fault—what do you do about it? You can file a personal injury claim against the party responsible for your wreck. How do you know who caused the accident? You will need to investigate your collision to determine the cause, and then you must gather proof of fault.

Once you have proof against the person responsible, that’s when you submit your claim. As you can see, the injury claims process can be complicated, and you might feel overwhelmed by all the work involved.

You’ve just been injured and should be focused on recovery. Let a Florence car accident lawyer from Henry Dailey Law Firm assist you in winning your injury case.

Investigating Your Florence Auto Wreck

There are many steps in the personal injury claims process, and proving what caused your vehicle crash is one of the most vital ones. Investigating your crash and gathering evidence that proves fault will strengthen your case.

Your Florence vehicle wreck attorney will assist you in building your case so you can receive the damages rightfully owed to you for your injuries. Some types of evidence include police reports, photos of the crash scene, and witness statements.

There are many different causes of auto wrecks. Your car crash could have been caused by a drunk driver, for example, or by a faulty auto part. Many vehicle wrecks are caused by reckless driving behavior, such as speeding, running red lights, and tailgating.

Receiving the Settlement You Need for an Alabama Car Wreck

So, you’ve figured out the cause and you have evidence of fault. Now what? Now, you will submit your claim paperwork with the at-fault party’s insurance company. Insurance negotiations are difficult, especially when you’re dealing with an insurance provider that isn’t keen on paying out on your claim.

A Florence car crash lawyer can assist you in dealing with insurers to make sure you receive a settlement that equals your claim’s true worth. Your attorney at our office wants to see you receive every penny owed to you for your damages.

The following are some of the damages often paid out in auto injury claims in Florence, Alabama:

Speak with a Florence Vehicle Crash Attorney About Your Case

Auto wrecks cause some of the most life-altering injuries imaginable, and when you didn’t cause your crash, you’re owed recompense. Winning your injury claim could be crucial to your future, but you don’t have to go through the process alone. Your attorney at our firm knows the laws concerning vehicle wrecks and liability.

Partner with a Florence car accident lawyer at Henry Dailey Law Firm to see that justice is done. A free claim assessment awaits, so send in the form below to reach us, or you can call directly at 205-995-2412.


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