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Madison Truck Accident Lawyer

When you’re hit by a semi-truck, it’s often a traumatic and painful experience. Get help with your recovery by contacting a Madison 18-wheeler injury attorney about your settlement.

Although seeing an 18-wheeler on the highway is not an unusual sight, it can still be scary. You’re moving at high speeds and a truck has far more weight behind it. When an accident happens, it’s often a recipe for catastrophic injuries, devastating damages, and even fatalities.

When a crash happens, you’ll need help recovering from your devastating injuries. That’s where a Madison truck accident lawyer from the Henry Dailey Law Firm can step in. We have years of experience helping injury victims secure the rightful compensation they need to recover and get their lives back on track.

Who’s Responsible?

When a crash happens, you’ll need to know who’s liable for your injuries in order to name them as a defendant in your injury claim. Alabama is a fault state for auto insurance, which means that the person responsible for the accident is also financially liable for the damages. In most vehicle wreck cases, this means that the driver who caused the accident should pay for the accident.

Unfortunately, dealing with a truck crash isn’t so simple. Truck drivers aren’t just any other drivers on the road. They’re often on the clock, which means your case will be a little different. In these cases, the driver often isn’t the responsible party, even though they caused the crash.

More than likely, their employer will be responsible for paying for your losses. Employers is responsible for the actions of their employees because of a doctrine called employer liability.

Compensation for an 18-Wheeler Crash

18-wheeler wrecks are uniquely serious because of the devastating level of damage they cause. A semi-truck is several times heavier than your car, which means more momentum and increasingly serious injuries. Worse, the cargo they’re carrying could be dangerous and could add to the overall catastrophic nature of the wreck.

As such, you’ll need to make sure you’re getting the full compensation you deserve. Without your financial and non-financial losses covered, you could be looking at years of accident-related debt.

If you’ve been in an semi-truck wreck, seek out compensation for the damages you’ve suffered, which might include the following damages:

Connect with a Madison Truck Accident Attorney

A semi-truck crash might be one of the most traumatic accidents you’ll experience, and it can leave you struggling to recover for years. You don’t want to be left in such a difficult situation, so contact an attorney from the Henry Dailey Law Firm to help you through the accident claims process.

Beginning with a free consultation, we can take an in-depth look at your accident, assess your injuries, and build a strong claim in your favor. The aftermath of a big rig wreck is overwhelming enough. Don’t let a complex claim process deter you from your rightful compensation.

If you’re struggling in the wake of a semi-truck crash, contact a Madison truck accident lawyer for your free consultation. We can be reached by calling 205-995-2412 or by completing the online form below.


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