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October 26, 2020

Truck Accident Attorney in Birmingham Alabama

Compensation for your trucking accident injuries

Trucking accident injuries are nothing short of catastrophic.  In almost all instances, someone is crushed, mangled, or ripped apart.  Many times, someone dies—and it’s usually someone in the automobile and not the truck.
These claims and lawsuits require vigorous, tenacious representation and carry additional responsibility for trucking accident attorneys over and above auto accident claims, because truck accidents almost always include matters of complex litigation that are not part of traditional issues under personal injury law.
Henry C. Dailey Jr., has been protecting victims since 1987 and is AV-Rated® by Martindale-Hubbell® peer-review ratings, the highest recognition of excellence in legal practice and ethics an attorney can obtain. He is an aggressive advocate for victims of truck accidents or those who have lost a loved one in a commercial truck accident in Alabama or by the negligence of an Alabama trucker or trucking company. He has spent years representing victims of all types of trucking accidents.

Birmingham Truck Accidents & Wrongful Death

Henry C. Dailey Jr. is a forceful attorney in matters of trucking accidents and wrongful death, too.  The nature of these cases can be extremely emotional for clients, so it’s even more important than ever to have a strong and protective litigator on your side. Mr. Dailey knows that you need time to process grief.  It’s a private and unpredictable process that doesn’t conform to the law—but, tragically, the law has certain strictures, so it’s important to find an attorney you trust as soon as possible. Talk to our offices about how we represent Alabama victims of wrongful death.  Mr.  Dailey understands making quick decisions now might be difficult, but it’s important that you know as much as possible about your rights after a truck accident kills your loved one.

Why You Need an Aggressive Birmingham Trucking Accident Attorney Immediately

Henry C. Dailey Jr. is experienced in the unique aspects of both federal and state trucking law:

  • Truck accidents often involve multiple jurisdictions, because the driver, carrier, loaders, and operators may be in different states or the accident may occur in another state from the base of trucking operations.
  • Trucking accidents almost always destroy physical property involved in the accident beyond repair and usually leave victims with horrific, long-term injuries or dead.
  • Truckers may be difficult to sue, because they are employees and not motorists.
  • Truckers may cause accidents by violating laws about prescription and non-prescription drug use, alcohol use, or time spent on the road, and those aspects can be difficult to prove without experience.
  • Commercial liability laws and Alabama ideas of negligence may combine for complicated interpretations of the law that require extremely aggressive litigation.
  • Trucking companies’ insurance companies are very knowledgeable about how to ruin or hide evidence if you don’t have a tough lawyer on your side immediately.
  • The statute of limitations for personal injury in Alabama may not protect you, because trucking company regulations allow the companies to trash their records after only a few months and that can limit discovery on your behalf.

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Catastrophic Injuries Can Ruin Your Life If You Don’t Fight Now

The disgusting truth is that trucking companies send defense attorneys or insurance investigators to the scene of an accident immediately.  The lack of concern for your humanity or health is vile.  Even worse, trucking companies don’t have to keep their records for very long, so if you don’t start your case as soon as you can, you may be the victim of catastrophic injuries forever.
That’s why you need to contact an experienced truck accident attorney in Alabama immediately.  Henry C. Dailey Jr., P.C. knows that catastrophic injuries can require millions of dollars in care over a lifetime.  It is imperative that we start your case as soon as possible.

Contact an experienced truck accident attorney in Alabama

Let our Alabama truck accident law firm help you.  The office has straightforward policies about truck accident victims—you may visit with Henry C. Dailey Jr., for free; he will travel to see you if you prefer and collects no fee unless you recover damages.  We also advance the costs of your trial, so you do not pay out-of-pocket while you trying to handle your losses.
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