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3 Reasons to Never Discuss Your Accident with the Insurance Company

After a serious accident, your insurance company may be your first thought when it comes to getting compensation. But discussing your accident with the insurance company may not be the best choice for your settlement. 

Before you call the insurance company, talk to your lawyer. While you need to give the insurer notice that the accident happened, discussing your accident may hurt your claim. Check out the following reasons you may need to wait before you say more to your insurance company. 

1. Mistakes Happen

When you’ve just been seriously injured, you may not be thinking clearly about the details of your accident. You may have suffered a brain injury that impacts your memory, for example, or you may misremember things after some time has passed. 

The insurance company may not be so forgiving of mistakes like this. Because the insurance company is a for-profit business, its focus is on its profits, not on your health. Because of this, any inconsistent parts of your story may be treated as a lie, which can lead to your claim being denied. 

2. Anything You Say Can Be Used in Court

Saying the wrong thing to the insurance adjuster can already go badly. But what if you tried to take your claim to court because you were denied? If you spoke directly to the insurance company, you may find your own words being used against you. 

Anything you say to the insurance company may be recorded and used against you. That may be key evidence to prevent you from getting the full settlement you need to recover from your injuries, repair your car or other property, and get treatment for your accident-related trauma. Because of this, you may need to speak with your lawyer before you ever speak with the insurance company. 

3. The Insurer May Be Acting in Bad Faith

One of the biggest problems you may face while dealing with the insurance company is bad-faith actions. When you sign a contract for an insurance policy, that policy should cover the costs of your accident when you’re hurt. But because that hurts the insurance company’s profits, the insurance adjuster may act in bad faith. That includes the following tactics: 

  • Lowballing your claim
  • Denying you without cause 
  • Ignoring your claim 
  • Answering slowly, to push you into a desperate decision

If you believe your insurance company is acting in bad faith, talking to them may not help you get the compensation you’re due after an accident. You may instead need to take your claim to a lawyer, who can communicate with the insurance company for you and take your claim to court. 

Let Your Lawyer Talk to the Insurance Company 

Here’s the good news—you don’t have to handle the insurance company alone. You may instead work with the lawyers at Henry Dailey Law Firm. They have the tools to fight for you when the insurance company is doing all it can to protect its profits.

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