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Alabama Cell Tower Lawyer

Got a cell tower lease on your property? Speak to an Alabama cell tower attorney for help negotiating a new lease or selling your leasehold for top dollar.  

Cell towers dominate much of the Alabama landscape today, and the stable demand for cell services means having these towers on your property can be lucrative. Unfortunately, individual landowners rarely have the resources or negotiating power to get a fair deal when they’re approached by wireless companies looking to build a tower.

That’s why many landowners call an Alabama cell tower lawyer at the Henry Dailey Law Firm. Whether you’re negotiating a new lease, selling your leasehold, or unsure of whether an offer you’ve received is fair, we can put our legal experience and knowledge to work for you. We know how to speak the wireless carriers’ language, and we won’t back down from a fight if it means getting you a deal that’s fair for you.

Negotiating a New Cell Tower Lease in Alabama

Your property has a monetary value, and then it has a special value to you, the landowner. When you’re negotiating a cell tower lease with a wireless company, the company is going to take every chance to undercut the value of your land in an effort to save on costs. We don’t think that’s fair.

The problem is that many landowners receive offers from wireless companies—complete with confusing legal jargon and tricky fine print—and they don’t know if they’re being offered even a fraction of what they really deserve. You don’t want to get stuck in a deal that doesn’t serve your interests. The good news? A cell tower lawyer in Alabama can help. We can do the following for you:

  • Review any offer you’ve received to make sure it’s fair
  • Negotiate directly with the cell phone company
  • Demonstrate the true value of the use of your land to help ensure a better deal for you

This is likely the first time you’ve negotiated a cell tower deal, but wireless companies do it all the time and know all the tricks to use in order to pay you less. Our firm regularly negotiates cell tower deals for Alabamians, and we can make sure you’re not getting shortchanged.

Looking to Sell Your Leasehold?

Many landowners are looking to get in on the profitable cell tower business, but they don’t know where to start. Start by calling an Alabama cell tower lease attorney. Even if you reach out to a wireless carrier before the company approaches you, the company is going to try to cut costs by giving you a less-than-fair deal. We won’t let that happen. 

Our Alabama law firm can help you from start to finish—from crafting your initial approach to selling your leasehold to accepting the final offer. Work with us, and you’ll have an experienced and qualified attorney who will put your interests above all else.

Call an Alabama Cell Tower Attorney

When it comes to business deals involving your land, you can’t just blindly accept the first offer you get. The wireless companies are looking out for themselves—who’s going to look out for you? We will.

It just takes one phone call to get a qualified and experienced lawyer on your side. The attorneys at the Henry Dailey Law Firm will fight for your rights because we believe you deserve fair treatment as you negotiate a cell tower lease or offer.

Join an Alabama cell tower lawyer for a no-pressure consultation. We will review your case and what we can do for you. For more information, give us a call at 205-995-2412 or fill out the online contact form below.



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