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Alabama Business Torts Lawyer

Has another party caused your business to suffer unduly? If so, contact a business torts lawyer in Alabama to discuss your legal options. 

As a business owner, you understand the risks associated with owning and operating your own business. But one of the last things you might expect is for your business to suffer due to the wrongful actions of another individual or company. When this happens, you may have grounds for a business tort claim.

At Henry Dailey Law Firm, we are committed to helping small and large businesses recover after enduring the damages caused by the liable party. If we are able to take on your case, you can rest easier knowing a respected Alabama business torts lawyer is advocating for your rights. Below, we go into greater detail about what a business tort claim is and describe some of the more common types of business torts. 

What are Business Torts?

Business torts, also commonly referred to as economic torts, describe wrongful action taken by an individual or entity in the hopes of causing a business harm. It doesn’t matter whether the actions were intentional or caused by negligence— the actions of the accused liable party directly caused harm to your business. 

As a result of this wrongful act, the liable party could be ordered to fully compensate the business owner for the damages caused if the business tort claim is successful. 

Examples of Business Tort Litigation

In order to really understand how business torts work, it may be helpful to see some examples in action so you can have a better idea whether you have a grounds for a business tort claim. Here are some of the more commonly seen types of business torts in Alabama:

Injurious Falsehood

Injurious falsehood describes a statement that is false that was intentionally made by an individual or operation in the hopes of harming another business. Injurious falsehood can do severe damage to a businesses reputation and cost them considerably. 

Restraint Of Trade

Restraint of trade limits a business and prevents it from being able to do their business freely. This could be by interfering with the transportation, sale, or trade, entering into certain contracts, or doing other actions that prevent a business from operating normally. 

Unfair Competition

When competing businesses are unable to compete equitably due to advantageous or disadvantageous actions applied to some but not all, a business tort claim for unfair competition could be merited. 

Tortious Interference

Tortious interference refers to the deliberate and unlawful interference of a company’s business dealings. One of the most common types of tortious interferences is breach of contract.

Meet With a Business Torts Lawyer in Alabama

When another individual or business tries to destroy your company’s reputation or harm your business, you may be entitled to maximum restitution. Contact a qualified Alabama business torts lawyer at Henry Dailey Law Firm so we can get started on your case. 

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