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Alabama Mass Torts Lawyer

Do you think you have a mass tort claim? Reach out to a qualified mass torts lawyer in Alabama for help.

Suffering an injury or illness due to the negligent or irresponsible conduct of another can be devastating. Not only are you struggling to cope emotionally and physically from the accident itself and the injuries you sustained, but you may also be struggling financially as well. Fortunately, civil lawsuits make it possible for injury victims like you to obtain full restitution for their suffering.

With that being said, in some instances, moving forward with a personal injury lawsuit may not be the best strategy. This is true if other individuals have also suffered serious injuries caused by the same party responsible for yours. 

In cases like these, you may need an experienced Alabama mass torts lawyer on your side. Continue reading to learn more about what mass torts are and how you’ll know if you have grounds for a claim. 

What is a Mass Tort?

Most people have heard the term “class action lawsuit”. They understand it to mean a large lawsuit with many claimants against the liable party. Mass torts in Alabama are similar to class action lawsuits with several differences. The most notable difference is how individual claimants are treated as part of the claim.

In class action lawsuits, the claimants are all treated as one and are represented by the class representative (i.e. your lawyer). But in mass torts, each claimant remains an individual and will have to prove their injuries and losses. 

Another stark difference between class action lawsuits and mass torts is the way victims are compensated. Since class action lawsuits represent all parties as one, victims share the amount of compensation awarded. But in mass tort claims, each victim receives their own award for damages because each claimant is treated as an individual. 

How to Know Whether You Have Grounds For a Claim

Due to their complex nature, it can be difficult to know whether you have grounds for a mass tort claim. The best way to find out is to call an attorney and discuss the details of your case, but in the meantime, here are a couple of ways you can tell you might have a mass tort claim on your hands:

  • A defective drug or product injured you
  • Your injuries have dramatically impacted your life
  • Someone else is responsible for causing your injuries

These are just basic criteria that could help you better understand whether it is worth your time to pursue civil litigation. Your lawyer can provide you with better insight as to what you could expect next after your initial consultation. 

Contact a Mass Torts Lawyer in Alabama

If you have suffered serious injury or illness as a result of a defective product or drug, you may be entitled to financial compensation. If your case meets the criteria, your respected Alabama mass torts lawyer at Henry Dailey Law Firm could help you get through this difficult time in your life. 

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