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Athens Personal Injury Lawyer

Hurt in a serious accident? Your personal injury lawyer in Athens will help you pursue compensation for your injuries. 

When you’re seriously hurt, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by medical bills and lost wages. You’ve suffered a traumatic experience and are left unable to work, whether you were taking an exit from the interstate, walking your dog, or just doing a little shopping. Now, you’re seriously injured and need help recovering from your injuries and paying your bills.

Luckily, the lawyers at the Henry Dailey Law Firm will help your claim succeed. Your Athens personal injury lawyer will help you seek compensation and represent you when you’re hurt and suffering after an accident. 

Am I Eligible for a Personal Injury Claim? 

Your injuries may be covered by an Athens personal injury claim, but you may be unsure whether you’re eligible. Personal injuries, legally speaking, vary widely, making it tough to determine whether you’re eligible for a claim. 

But if you’re hurt because someone else was careless, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Let’s say someone made a faulty product, and that product injured you. Because they failed to protect your safety, you may be eligible for compensation. 

Compensation for Athens Personal Injury Victims

After a serious injury in Athens, you need to know what it will take to recover from your injuries. These injuries can impact your life for years following the accident, and because of this, you need to know what compensation to request before you file your claim. 

For example, you need coverage for your economic losses as well as the non-economic caused by the accident. Economic damages include all financial losses, such as hospital bills, future treatment bills, and lost wages. 

Your non-economic damages can be trickier because these are intangible losses. For example, how do you determine the monetary value of your pain and suffering? Your trusted personal injury lawyer has the specialized tools you need to determine these values. 

Alabama Law Can Impact Your Personal Injury Claim

When you’re hurt in Athens, it’s not just a matter of getting your compensation. You may need to act now to protect your personal injury claim from being denied. 

For example, you have just two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim in Alabama. If you don’t act in time, your claim is likely to be denied. 

Your claim can also be denied if you’re found partially at fault for the accident. If you accept any part of the fault for the accident, your claim may be denied, leaving you without compensation for your losses. 

Talk with an Athens Personal Injury Attorney 

If you’ve been hurt because another person or group was careless, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. But that’s not easy to handle alone—a mistake can cost you your compensation, leaving you to deal with the aftermath alone. 

The expert legal staff of the Henry Dailey Law Firm are here to help the victims in our Athens community. If you’re struggling to get compensated fairly, accept a free consultation with an Athens personal injury lawyer and call 205-995-2412 to schedule or completing the online contact form below. 



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