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Birmingham Boating Accident Lawyer

Boating accidents can be expensive—not to mention deadly. If you’ve suffered a boat crash because of another person’s negligence, contact a Birmingham boat accident lawyer for help recovering compensation for your injuries.

Whether you’re sailing around Lake Logan Martin or you’re taking your boat down the Cahaba, the Birmingham area is a great place to enjoy the water and the beautiful weather. Unfortunately, some boaters are negligent, and this can lead to tragedy for responsible people like you.

When another boater doesn’t take your safety into consideration and injuries are the unfortunate result, you deserve a Birmingham boating accident lawyer on your side. Life may be tough after your accident, but our team at the Henry Dailey Law Firm can help you recover fair compensation for what you’ve been through.

Injuries Suffered in Boating Accidents

When you’ve been involved in a boating accident, it’s likely that you’re badly injured. After all, boats are uniquely dangerous—not only do you have the dangers of a crash, but you’ll also have to contend with the dangers of the water itself.

When you’re considering what your Birmingham boat accident case may be worth, you’ll need to focus on how you were injured first. Having an idea of the suffering you’ve been through and the circumstances of the accident can help your attorney guide you through your case and calculate your compensation.

The following are some of the most common boating accident injuries:

Calculating Your Compensation

Fortunately, if you’ve suffered any of these or other injuries because someone else was careless, you have a chance to recover compensation. While the cause of your accident can vary widely, from a person boating under the influence to an inexperienced boater, you’ll typically see two major types of damages: economic and non-economic.

Economic damages are the expenses that come up after an accident. Your medical care, your boat repairs, and your lost wages or earning capacity should all be considered when you’re preparing your claim. These will be the easiest and clearest to calculate.

Non-economic damages will be a little more complicated. These are the pain, mental trauma, and other non-physical damages you’ve suffered because of your injury. Unfortunately, you may not be able to calculate these alone because they’ll require specific tools and knowledge. But a Birmingham boat accident attorney can help you calculate how much compensation you’re owed.  

Call a Birmingham Boating Accident Attorney

The aftermath of a boating accident is a painful experience, and it can be difficult to cope with. Between your pain and the growing financial costs, getting back on your feet is rarely easy.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it without help. An experienced lawyer from our firm can help. We’ll handle your lawsuit, calculate your compensation, and guide you through every step—until you get the compensation you deserve.

We know it’s never easy to deal with an accident, but at the Henry Dailey Law Firm, we want to make the process as easy on you and your loved ones as possible. That’s why we offer free consultations—so you know you’re getting the guidance and attention you deserve before you get started.

If you’re interested in a free consultation with a Birmingham boating accident lawyer, contact us. We can be reached at 205-995-2412 or through our online contact form below.


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