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Birmingham Car Accident FAQ

Although car accidents are common, that doesn’t mean people who are injured in accidents don’t endure life-changing trauma because of it. People’s lives can be turned upside down by serious car accidents, and when you’ve been injured, you likely have a million questions running through your mind about what’s going to happen next.

In the hopes of easing your worries and addressing your concerns, we have created this quick FAQ that provides the answers to some of the most common questions accident survivors just like you have endured. If you find your question has not been answered on this page, you can always contact a Birmingham car accident lawyer from our office to discuss the individual details of your case. 

How long do you have to file your claim?

The law states for personal injury lawsuits, a claim must be filed within two years. Failing to file a claim before the statute of limitations expires will result in a dismissal of the claim. With that being said, every case is different and your lawyer is the only one who can tell you exactly how much longer you have to get your claim filed. 

What is shared fault?

Shared fault refers to cases in which the injury victim may also be partially responsible for causing their accident or injuries. This is known as contributory negligence under the law. Alabama law follows pure contributory negligence, which means people who share fault are barred from collecting compensation for their losses. 

If you believe or are unsure whether you share fault for the accident, you’ll need an experienced lawyer to help you figure out your next steps.

Can I seek compensation for pain and suffering?

Yes, pain and suffering describes the physical pain and suffering a person endures when injured in a serious accident. Many accident survivors are able to recover maximum compensation for pain and suffering in their car accident lawsuits. 

Will I have to go to court?

Every case is different, so it’s difficult to determine without reviewing the details. However, most car accident lawsuits start out with an insurance claim and an attempt for settling out of court. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to secure the compensation you deserve through the insurance company, your next best option may be civil litigation.

Should I give the insurance company a statement?

You should never speak with the insurance company without your lawyer. Insurance adjusters are trained to look for any opportunities to reduce the injury settlement you need. You don’t want to risk being taken advantage of when your lawyer could protect you and your injury settlement. 

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We hope this short guide has answered some of your most pressing questions regarding car accident claims. Of course, these are general answers and you’ll have questions that need specific answers. 

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