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Birmingham Product Liability Lawyer

Seemingly innocuous products can cause serious harm when they’re defective. Fortunately, a Birmingham product liability attorney can help you hold the person responsible for your injuries accountable.

When you purchase a product, you likely expect it to work as advertised. Unfortunately, many products aren’t properly inspected or are otherwise made improperly. This can lead to serious injuries. 

Depending on the product, you could be left with a range of types of injuries. Electronics may start fires, foods and medications may be toxic, and power tools may break without warning, putting you in serious physical danger. 

Here’s the good news: When this happens, a Birmingham product liability lawyer can guide you through the process of pursuing compensation. Filing a claim for your injuries after you’re hurt by a hazardous product can be difficult. Fortunately, our attorneys can help you with your case—from start to finish. 

Product Liability Laws in Alabama

The first step to getting your claim favorably resolved is knowing the laws of our state; how long you have, how much you can recover, and how to prove negligence are especially important. 

First, keep in mind that, compared to other states, Alabama’s statute of limitations for product liability is short. For product liability claims against the original seller of a product, you have only a year after the discovery date to file your claim. Most personal injury actions allow two years, but if you plan to act on the original seller, your time is cut in half. 

A product liability claim in Birmingham generally considers the defendant’s manufacturing and inspection processes and whether the company knew about the defect. The investigation of fault, however, doesn’t end there.   

How Fault and Negligence Laws Affect Birmingham Defective Product Cases

Alabama is also a state that recognizes pure contributory fault. As the defendant, the manufacturer or seller can make the defense that you might have contributed to your own defective product accident. If you are found at fault, you may be prevented from receiving any compensation. 

For example, if you bought a bicycle, you might find after an accident or injury that it has faulty brakes. The manufacturer may assert that you caused the accident yourself through reckless use of the product and may try to prove that the brakes would have been safe if you had been more careful. 

Being found even 1 percent at fault can lead to a complete loss of your Birmingham product liability case. But a qualified lawyer can gather convincing evidence and craft a powerful argument to prove that you hold no blame for what happened.

Meet with a Birmingham Product Liability Attorney

When you’re injured by a product you purchased and expected to be safe, you deserve to be compensated. While filing a claim might be difficult, you can expect a qualified and experienced lawyer to get you through your case. 

Worried about the expense of hiring a lawyer? We don’t charge you fees until we win your case. We also offer free consultations. We want you to know we’re ready to represent you the way you deserve—before you ever pay a cent. 

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