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18 Wheeler Accident Attorney in Alabama

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, truck accidents were the cause of 4,229 fatalities and 90,000 injuries in 2008.  That is too many deaths and too many injuries.  With all of the requirements for service hours, vehicle maintenance, and new safety technologies, an 18-wheeler accident should never happen. But they do.  When they do, truck accident victims to turn to Henry C. Dailey Jr., P.C., an aggressive tractor-trailer accident law firm in Alabama who advocates for victims of semi-truck accidents.
Tractor-Trailer Accidents Threaten Your Life Every Day
You never know when you may become a report on the evening news because of an 18 wheeler.  It happens every day, and produces tragic results:

  • On July 21, 2010, a semi-truck driver lost control, crossed lanes, and collided with a Volkswagen on a bridge. Once the truck hit the car, it continued to travel across the lanes of the bridge and only stopped because it was stuck on the VW. The cab of the truck dangled over the edge of the bridge. Both drivers suffered injuries, and the VW was totaled.
  • On March 26, 2010, an Alabama truck driver hauling a load in Kentucky was talking on the phone and speeding when he crossed the median and lost control, killing himself and ten other people. Two children survived.

Types of Trucking Accidents

Henry Dailey has spent years representing victims of these types of trucking accidents:

  • Dead heading—When a tanker truck is run without a full load, the sloshing of the liquid throws the center of gravity off.  This causes the driver to lose control and may result in an overturned vehicle.
  • Rollovers—The ability and stability of a truck is based on its center of gravity.  If a truck speeds on a curve or exit ramp, the load of the trailer shifts.  The shift alters the center of gravity, resulting in a rollover.  When this occurs, a truck and its trailer can continue to travel down a roadway, taking whatever is in its path with it.
  • Jack-knifing—When a truck driver attempts to avoid an accident by turning the steering wheel quickly, the front of the truck turns towards the trailer at a 90-degree angle.  Sometimes the load comes off of the truck.
  • Overloaded trucks—Overloading is one of the major causes of truck accidents.  The federal government sets the maximum weight of a truck on a roadway.  When truck drivers fail to comply, the result can be flying debris, shifting loads, mechanical failures, increased difficulty in stopping or controlling the tractor trailer, jack-knifing, or rolling over.

Turn to an experienced semi truck accident attorney in Birmingham

Needless accidents, needless loss of life—Henry C. Dailey Jr. vigorously fights to hold these truck drivers and their companies accountable.  But it takes keen investigative skills to prove irresponsibility and go up against large, highly paid opposing legal counsel.  Safety is the responsibility of the truck driver and the trucking company and Mr. Dailey is dedicated to exposing the many causes of accidents. Let an experienced Alabama truck accident lawyer help you.  You may visit with attorney Mr. Dailey for free—or he will travel to see you if you prefer—and he collects no fee unless you recover damages.  We also advance the costs of your trial, so you pay no out-of-pocket expenses while trying to handle your losses. Call 1-866-421-2413 or contact us online today.



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