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Decatur Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents can leave you struggling to determine who’s at fault and how to recover compensation. Team up with a car accident attorney in Decatur for help protecting your settlement. 

One minute, you’re cruising down the highway and enjoying the day. The next, another driver strikes you with their vehicle, causing an accident that left you with severe injuries. Your car might be totaled; you might be unable to work; and you’re suffering from emotional trauma. You deserve funds to aid your recovery. 

When an auto wreck happens, you need to act quickly to fight for your compensation. Seek out a dedicated Decatur car accident lawyer from the Henry Dailey Law Firm to get the support, knowledge, and experience you need. 

Insurance in a Fault State 

After your crash, your first step might be to contact your insurance company. After all, you pay into your policy to protect yourself when something happens. Alabama is a fault state, however, which means the driver responsible for the accident is also financially responsible for any related damages. 

This means that you’ll need to file a claim with your insurance provider, which will then pursue compensation from the other driver’s insurance company. Or, you’ll file a third-party claim with the other driver’s company. Be careful when speaking to the insurance companies, however. If you inadvertently accept partial blame for the wreck, your compensation could be at risk. 

Alabama is also one of few states with pure contributory fault laws. This means that if you were even partially responsible for the accident, you could be denied compensation.  

Common Injuries in Car Accidents

Crashes can be devastating financially, emotionally, and physically. When you’re moving at high speeds, the force of impact can cause major and even fatal injuries. Safety features, such as airbags and seatbelts can help save your life, but they can’t always prevent catastrophic injuries. 

These injuries can be permanent. A spinal cord injury, for example, can permanently remove sensation below the point of the injury. You could be unable to return to work for months or even years. Even then, you might be unable to return to your job in the same capacity. 

You might need extensive physical and occupational therapy, and will likely need to make adjustments to your home and vehicle. In other words, a spinal cord injury can alter your life completely. 

If you’re struggling with one or more of the following injuries, seek the help of an attorney to obtain compensation: 

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injuries 
  • Whiplash
  • Broken bones
  • Organ damage

Seek Compensation with a Decatur Car Accident Attorney

When you’ve been involved in an auto collision, the aftermath can be devastating, physically, emotionally, and financially. You deserve compensation for your suffering, but in Decatur, an accusation of partial fault can put your claim at risk. 

A highly trained and experienced attorney from the Henry Dailey Law Firm can help. We will build a strong case in your favor and help dispute any accusations of fault, so you can obtain the funds you need for recovery. Reach out for the help you need from a Decatur car accident lawyer. Start by calling 205-995-2412 or completing the online form below for your free consult. 



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