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Oil Spill Claims, Compensation & Litigation

Worst-Ever Drilling Disaster

The Deepwater Horizon oil platform was located 41 miles off the coast of Louisiana, in an area known as the Mississippi Canyon. It sank into the gulf on Thursday, April 22, 2010 after an explosion earlier in the week.  It was owned and operated by Transocean Ltd., and was leased to BP Exploration & Production.  Eleven workers were killed and many more were injured and traumatized.  The oil spill that occurred in the aftermath of the explosion and collapse was the worst spill in the history of offshore drilling.

Oil Spill Attorneys Fight to Recover Damages for Clients

An oil spill lawyer specifically concentrating on the legal issues arising from the spill and the companies that are liable for the catastrophic accident can help you seek compensation for both personal injury and monetary damages claims:

  • If you worked on the Deepwater Horizon—or were injured in another offshore platform accident or explosion—you may have a claim against your employer under Louisiana state law.
  • Many more individuals and businesses have potential claims for these damages:
    • Assessment, mitigation and clean-up of spilled oil
    • Real property damage caused by the oil
    • Personal injury caused by the spill
    • Commercial losses such as loss of earnings/profit
    • Other losses as contemplated by applicable laws and regulations

    Find out more about the legal issues resulting from the Deepwater Horizon explosion and how we can help you obtain oil spill compensation:

    • Deepwater Horizon Spill Attorney—Information about filing claims resulting from the disaster—Finding the right attorney after an oil rig disaster or oil spill
    • BP litigation — Deciding whether an individual or class action is right for your situation
    • Transocean Attorney — The role played by the contractor that owned the rig

    Oil Spill Compensation for Injuries

    With of the high concentration of oil rigs and drilling platforms in the Gulf off the coast of Louisiana, working offshore is dangerous.  Gas leaks, pipes falling, exposure to toxic chemicals, and explosions all happen, despite safety regulations and procedures.  With ever increasing pressure to produce more oil, drillers may require overtime or impose unrealistic expectations towards production, causing a platform or rig incident.  The personal injury and oil spill lawyer Henry C. Dailey, Jr. stands ready to assist you when these terrible incidents occur.

    How Oil Spill Lawyers Can Help

    If you or a loved one has been injured or has died or you have suffered economic loss as a result of oil industry negligence, you will need an experienced attorney to help:

    • Uncover the reasons why and cause of the explosion
    • Face off against an enormous corporation

    The thought of becoming involved in oil spill litigation may be overwhelming. You need the help of focused oil spill lawyers to fashion a solution that will benefit your particular needs and bring closure to your situation.  Call us at 866-421-2413. We have the experience, dedication, resources, and resolve to fight for your rights to compensation.



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