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BP Class Action Lawsuits and Individual Claims

Seek Informed Advice Before Beginning BP Litigation

If the Deepwater Horizon spill has damaged your health or your property or has caused you financial hardships, you may be entitled to compensation from British Petroleum (BP). Litigation options for seeking monetary compensation for those damages include—

  • A claim made directly to BP
  • A civil lawsuit for oil spill damage directed against the responsible party/parties, including BP
  • A class action lawsuit against BP
  • A claim to the National Pollution Funds Center (NPFC)

There are complex and sometimes interconnected rules that apply to each of these potential avenues to obtaining just compensation for your losses.  Among the rules that could trip individuals up is a requirement of the Oil Pollution Act that you must submit a claim to BP before you can file a lawsuit or submit a claim to the NPFC.
It is wise to keep in mind that you are facing an extremely large and well-funded organization and highly motivated BP attorneys who will fight you all the way.  The company believes they are protecting nothing less than their ongoing existence.  As you contemplate taking any action against BP, attorney Henry C. Dailey, Jr. stands ready to steer you clear of the many pitfalls and advise you on which option is most appropriate and likely to lead to success in your circumstances.

BP Class Action Lawsuits Have Some Advantages

Another way a well-informed BP attorney can help is by advising you of any BP class action lawsuits that would be suitable for you to join.  Class actions are sometimes the best choice because combining the claims of a large group of plaintiffs can result in greater efficiency, lower oil spill litigation costs, and more leverage than you might have as an individual going up against powerful BP attorneys.

How Oil Spill Lawyers Can Help

If you or a loved one has been injured or has died or you have suffered economic loss as a result of oil industry negligence, you will need an experienced oil spill attorney to help:

  • Uncover the reasons why and cause of the explosion
  • Face off against an enormous corporation

The thought of becoming involved in oil spill litigation may be overwhelming.  You need the help of focused lawyers to fashion a solution that will benefit your particular needs and bring closure to your situation. Call us at 866-421-2413 or contact Henry C. Dailey, Jr., P.C. online today for help with oil spill litigation and personal injury matters.  We have the experience, dedication, resources, and resolve to fight for your rights to compensation.



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