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Transocean Attorney Litigation Likely to Last for Years

Legal Fallout of the Deepwater Horizon

The Deepwater Horizon oil rig that exploded in April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico was owned by Switzerland-based Transocean Ltd., the world’s largest offshore drilling contractor and provider of drilling management services.  British Petroleum (BP) had hired Transocean to run the drilling operations.  Now, as the result of the explosion and record-setting spill, Transocean faces numerous possible legal actions against it for—

  • Wrongful death and personal injury liability for physical injuries and traumatic stress disorder suffered by the workers on the rig when it exploded
  • Cleanup of the spilled oil
  • Oil spill compensation for thousands of individuals and businesses that suffered as a result

As losses from the explosion and oil spill mounted daily, Transocean and several of its affiliated companies filed a petition in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas in Houston.  The petition sought protection under the federal Limitation of Shipowner’s Liability Act of 1851 from many of the consequences of what it called the Deepwater Horizon casualty.  The company said it believed this step was necessary to protect the interests of its employees, its shareholders, and the company.  It did not say anything about protecting the injured or those who suffered serious financial losses as a result.

Transocean Moves to Protect Itself from Litigation

According to Transocean, the law makes the owner of a sea vessel, like a ship or oil rig, liable only for the value of the vessel and its cargo after the accident.  It claimed the value of the oil rig after the explosion was just under $27 million.
However, attorneys for the Louisiana Environmental Action Network and the United Commercial Fisherman’s Association countered that the Oil Pollution Act of 1990—passed after the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska—supersedes the older law in this situation.  Further, they said that even under the old law, the negligence of BP and Transocean would make the 1851 law inapplicable in the current Transocean litigation.
What does this mean to you?  At the very least, it shows that defendant Transocean is willing to bring out the big guns to protect itself from liability.  To preserve your rights against Transocean, you should contact knowledgeable oil spill attorney Henry C. Dailey, Jr. as soon as possible.

A Well-Informed Transocean Oil Spill Attorney Can Help

If you or a loved one has been injured or has died or you have suffered economic loss as a result of Transocean, Ltd.’s negligence, you will need an experienced attorney to help:

  • Uncover the reasons why and cause of the explosion
  • Face off against a powerful corporation

The thought of becoming involved in litigation may be overwhelming. You need the help of a focused Transocean oil spill attorney to fashion a solution that will benefit your particular needs and bring closure to your situation.  Contact us or call 866-421-2413 to speak with Henry C. Dailey, Jr., P.C. today for help with oil spill litigation and personal injury matters.  We have the experience, dedication, resources, and resolve to fight for your rights to compensation.



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